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A pillar bedded forend made to fit your T/C contender, G2 or Encore's barrel contour, or a grip, custom made to fit your hand, in the wood of your choice can certainly add to your shooting experience. Giving your gun the look you like while enhancing the accuracy potential with the pillar bedded forend, you will appreciate a custom grip that's for you.


Note: For the heavier recoiling cals, over the 30-06 level, where pillars are not the best option, I also inlet for the hanger bar system.


Contender/G2 and Encore Forends can be ordered custom length, You can order them finished or unfinished. Check out my showcase page for pictures and color choices. Unfinished means the product will need final sanding and finishing.


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RifleThumb Hole Stock


Yellow-Black Thumbrest

 Grips and Forends

Much of what we have learned about obtaining accuracy has come from the bench rest shooting people. Aluminum pillars have proven themselves over time. They do not deform under tension the way wooden bottom bedding systems do and allow more uniform tension to be applied when reattaching stocks or forends. Aluminum pillars do not swell in humidity or shrink when the humidity drops. All positive things when trying to get the most from your shooting experiences.

The encore forend pillars are concave to match the radius of the barrel. Inletting black is used to make sure the pillars and only the pillars are contacting the barrel. The pillars on the contender forends are basically the same as on the encore, however, the screw studs fit into a counter-bore on top of the pillar so the pillar provides bedding for the barrel as on the encore. Pictures of the inside of the barrel channel showing the pillars is at the top of the showcase page.

You can also use the top of the pillar as a platform for bedding the barrel.

Both the contender and the encore forends are made with a flat bottom since it is consistently easier to stabilize on a rest than round bottom forends. The bottom is also made wide enough with rounded corners to make a solid base for a bipod. Note: I prefer to put a thin layer of mole skin on the contacting surface of the bipod to avoid scratching the forend. .

The Pistol Showcase page and Rifle Showcase page contains pictures of the different products in wood colors available. All woods pictured are available in Contender or Encore.

I took this goat in Alaska in 2010 with the encore pistol chambered in Neal Coopers 30CE.

The gun was soaked for a wk and the laminate held up fine-The goat didn't!

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