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Tony's Forends and Grips

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Tony Gettel

755 Wildwood trail

Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Please send your questions, comments, or suggestions to: Be sure to include your phone number for when the reply e-mail gets rejected.

Tony Gettel's Email

If you do not hear back from me within a day, try contacting me thru the cell #. Spam filters occasionally stop my return response to questions.

My cell phone # is, 218-205-6588. Be sure to leave a message as I often don't hear the phone when I am working. Texting also works well.

Ordering info: Check lead time as it varies.

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Tony's Forends and Grips
755 Wildwood TRl
Fergus Falls, MN. 56537

Phone: +1 218 2056588 +1 218 2056588


Be sure to include your phone

number with e mails as I have

gotten reply e mails returned as undeliverable.

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