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Note: there are variations shown here in the stocks. Some variations are from my making them by hand one by one and other variations are from customer requests.

NOTE; To help shooters avoid problems it helps to remember, as the recoil goes up past the 30-06 level, so does the stress to the stock which may lead to the stock cracking.Since neither the material or I have any control over what the stock will be subjected to, there is no warranty on encore stocks. NO RECOIL ABSORBING DEVICE THAT CONTACTS THE RECOIL PAD SHOULD BE USED.

Amber Glow

Nutmeg stock/forend on a contender.

Natural Camo on a Encore

Purple and black on a Contender


Brown/black thumbhole stock on a encore.

Red/black with a 9" muzzle loader forend

Neither of the grn mtn camo pictures are true examples of the color-see the pistol

page as those are closer to what to expect. When the weather permits I will redo


Grn mtn camo thumbhole on a contender

Grn mtn camo on a contender. Note: this is the new color which is slightly different from the former color pattern.

Charcoal thumbhole on a encore. 10-18-17

Walnut thumbhole on a encore, 12" forend on 28" barrel.


Fiddle Back Maple on encore with 3" wide forend.

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