Tony's Forends and Grips
Tony's Forends and Grips

Note: there are variations shown here in the stocks. Some variations are from my making them by hand one by one and other variations are from customer requests.

NOTE; To help shooters avoid problems let me know what cals the stock will be used with. RECOIL ABSORBING DEVICES THAT CONTACT THE RECOIL PAD SHOULD not BE USED WITH THE T/C stocks.

New color pattern called Wildfire on a G2. 13" forend on a 21" barrel

Amber Glow

Nutmeg stock/forend on the SSK 50 frame.                                     10" forend on a 21" barrel. 12-23.

Natural Camo on a Encore muzzle loader

Purple/black lamiante thumbhole stock on the encore action.

Brown/black thumbhole stock on a encore with air vents.

Encore Grn and Black with air vents

Red/black with a 9" muzzle loader forend

Grn mtn camo classic stock on the encore.

Charcoal thumbhole on a encore shotgun

Walnut classic stock on a G2, 10" forend.

Fiddle Back Maple on encore with 3" wide forend. 

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