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Tony's Forends and Grips

Send me a e-mail telling me what you have for a gun and what you want.. Some cals are better suited for the hanger bar system. Also note the heavy recoil cals are not for these stocks.

Note: Be sure to check with me about the lead time to avoid surprises.

Be sure to include your phone number for when the reply e-mail gets rejected.

Occasionally for some reason, e-mails don't get delivered. If you have not heard back from me in a day or so, my cell number is 218-205-6588

The typical e-mail goes like this. ...I have a G2 pistol (or encore or contender) with a 14" barrel that I would like a grip and forend for. I'd like it in grn mtn camo (or what ever other wood you like). I would like the set finished, with a bipod stud in the 11" forend. (or whatever length you want). I am right handed, no thumbrest or grip base cap. My fist height (#1) is _ and the joint (#2) is_ and the tip of my index finger is_.

If ordering a buttstock I also need to know the length of pull desired.

Be sure to specify the frame and the barrels contour. If unsure of contour, state who made it and measure the barrels diam with a dial cal at the  front screw hole as well as at the muzzle.


These numbers help me get the grip on both the pistol and rifle sized for your hand.


1) fist height- mine would be 3 &3/4-4"


2) distance to the marked joint (mine would be about 1.5").

3) distance to the tip of the index finger. ( 3.5" for mine)

Note if right or left handed.

Payment Options Information: Please do not prepay. I prefer to wait for payment until I am working on your project.

If paying by personal check or money order, please mail to:

Tony Gettel

755 Wildwood trail

Fergus Falls, Mn. 56537

I also accept Major Credit Card payments as accepted through Paypal Merchant Services. You can use Paypal without a account.

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Be sure to include your phone

number with e mails as I have

gotten reply e mails returned as undeliverable.

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