Tony's Forends and Grips
Tony's Forends and Grips
Prices effective on orders confirmed after Jan 1, 2016

Price listed is for black walnut. Laminate and fiddle maple is $10 extra/piece unless otherwise stated.

Add $10.00 for shipping in the USA.
Forend Unfinished - with pillars or inletted for the hanger bar. $70
Forend Finished- with pillars or inletted for a hanger bar $90
Forends over 12" long will have a extra fee.
Grips - finished $80
Grips - unfinished $60
Grip base cap $20
Thumb Rests $30
Bench rest forend, 3" wide, finished w/pillars $100walnut
$110 Maple
$120.00 laminate
Unfinished-$15.00 less
Air flutes ($40 extra) $40
Classic style buttstocks with standard recoil pad, $165 Finished

$145.00 Unfinished
Thumbhole buttstocks, standard pad, $185 Finished

$165 Unfinished

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