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Tony's Forends and Grips

Items are for sale and Ready to Ship

I will be listing things on this page that are done and ready to ship.These are things that may have been ordered and then a mind was changed on wood choice or what ever other reason.

Always verify the things listed here are still available before paying.

Unless otherwise specified, The grips are sized to fit my hand, shown on the order form page with hand sizing info.

listed items are the forend, stock or grip. The frame and barrels you supply.

Encore 11" forend, charcoal, for the Heavy taper pistol barrel. Pillars and bipod stud. Finished. 145.00 shipped. Pictures available.

Encore, Maple ambi pistol grip and 13" forend inletted for the standard taper pistol barrel. Pillars and bipod stud. Finished. $275.00 shipped. Pictures avaiable.

9" Onyx laminate forend finished for the contender/G2 pistol with pillars and bipod stud.

$125.00 shipped. A 9" forend will allow about 3.5" of a 14" barrel extending past the forend.

 Encore,  grn mtn camo, 11" forend, std taper pistol barrel, bipod stud with rt hand grip. $255.00 shipped.

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